Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson, #3)

By: Darynda Jones

I’ve been through three books of this series. THREE! AND I SHALL HAVE NO MORE!

I read this series a year ago and completely fell in love with it. From the characters to the plot, I adored each word Mrs. Jones wrote. This is why on a rainy Sunday I decided to reread the series. The first and second book were okay, there were high points but it just didn’t hold my attention the same way. Suddenly, Reyes wasn’t how I remembered him.

The stuff he did to Charley (Chaining her up, punching her in the head, etc.) was unforgivable. I understand that sometimes in fantasy/paranormal type books like this, the world is harder and the characters endure a lot, but Reyes just seemed more like a horrible villain instead of the guy we were supposed to fall in love with.

And Charly puts up with it. Every. Single. Time. And why did she put up with it? Because Reyes was SOOOOOOO hawt.

Come on, Charley! Pull up your panties girl and get real! This is classic Stockholm Syndrome if you ask me.

Another thing I noticed about the series is Charley’s character wasn’t funny anymore. The first books did have some laugh out loud moments, yes, but now she just seemed more obnoxious than anything else. Her one-liners fell a little flat and her thoughts were ALL over the place until I just couldn’t keep up!

The plot for this series was so good and that’s what makes it so frustrating! This book was shallow and the “case” Charley was supposed to be working on barely took up more than a few pages. I want the old Charley back, the one who I could laugh with, cry with, and relate with. Not this abused woman who puts up with Reyes’s BS because he’s great in bed. Please, I beg of you, Mrs. Jones, pull a plot together and stop letting Charley tolerate this!